Emerson Introduces the New Copeland ZX Outdoor Refrigeration Units for A2L Refrigerants

Date: 20 October 2020
Emerson Introduces the New Copeland ZX Outdoor Refrigeration Units for A2L Refrigerants

Emerson is launching the next generation of Copeland ZX outdoor refrigeration units, designed for A2L refrigerants. The series features a new design which is fully optimized for A2L refrigerants and provides additional benefits in terms of efficiency, reliability and safety for wholesalers, installers and system operators. The new range includes also models with stepless digital capacity modulation and is suited for applications in commercial refrigeration.

With 80% of the HFCs supply reduced by 2030, manufacturers need to reconsider different alternatives when designing future-proof systems. The main considerations when choosing the best refrigerant fit and selecting the most suitable system architecture are life cycle costs and the reduction of carbon footprint.

“From early stages, Emerson has been preoccupied to invest in A2L technology and to provide sustainable options to the cooling industry. With the new generation of Copeland ZX outdoor refrigeration units for low GWP A2L refrigerants, Emerson is supporting system owners and contractors with a long-term alternative. Compared to previous systems with A1 refrigerants, systems with A2L refrigerants require additional system safety measures because of their slight flammability. Therefore, a dedicated risk assessment must be carried out and a corresponding safety concept is required, based on the applicable safety standards.” says Markus Lenz, Director Marketing Refrigeration and Integrated Products at Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions.

With the new range, Emerson offers a low GWP solution for refrigeration applications with space and noise constraints. The use of the new A2L optimized Copeland™ scroll compressors reduces power consumption and saves operation costs. The new series of refrigeration units is approved for a variety of A2L classified refrigerants with a low global warming potential, such as R454A, R454C, R455A, R1234yf - a major benefit that increases flexibility and eases logistics as one model fits most applications.

The modified hermetic design, the innovative control logic and the high-quality components enable legal compliance for applications with A2L refrigerants. The advanced electronic controller enables precise parameter control and displays the system status. Electronic protection functions, oil separator and suction accumulator guarantee optimum system safety.

The new Copeland ZX outdoor refrigeration unit range is completed by models with stepless digital capacity modulation which are well established in applications with multiple evaporators and precise temperature control. With short installation time, superior efficiency and high reliability, this new generation helps customers to reduce life cycle costs significantly.

The new series is suited for a wide range of applications in commercial food retail and food service, which request a low GWP solution.

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