Frascold will be presented the new releases of the compressors ZTK and FVR at EuroShop 2020

Date: 12 February 2020
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In continuous evolution, Frascold has great looks into the future and aims to expand in countries of its operations, with an approach that makes from the continuous innovation the most important principle to reduce the time-to-market. 

Bringing its concepts to the reality, it all becomes expressed into the new releases of the compressors ZTK and FVR Series, which will be presented as a preview at EuroShop 2020, taking place from 16th to the 20th of February. Specifically, ZTK is the new series of semi-hermetic compressors of 6 cylinders in transcritical operation with CO2 refrigerant. Three new models will be available of which Z40-31TK and Z50-38TK, respectively with volumetric displacement of 31 m³/h and 38 m³/h and Z50-31TK appropriate also for heat pumps, with volumetric displacement of 31 m³/h. A new range designed for industrial and commercial applications of big dimensions as supermarkets, shopping centres and distribution or storage centres.

During the fair exhibition the company will present also the FVR series of semi-hermetic twin screw compressors, meeting the industrial refrigeration needs of medium-sized enterprises.

FVR will be available in the L and H versions, respectively with evaporation temperatures down to -50°C and -20°C. Each model is available with 2 volumetric displacements at 50 and 60 Hz, for displacements ranging from a minimum of 120 m³/h to a maximum of 192 m³/h. As a plus to its compact size, the FVR series is characterized by its silent operation and compatibility with both HFC refrigerants and hydrocarbons, such as propane R290.

Livio Calabrese, Frascold’s Sales & Marketing Director, commented: “Euroshop will be an opportunity to share the know-how capitalised by Frascold in different locations and fields of application, paired with a first-class Customer service. The choice to pursue a vertical integration in terms of planning, production and logistics has had positive effects on the direct management of the whole production chain, guaranteeing a superior efficiency of business processes, as well as high quality standards.” He then concluded: “Frascold has always been oriented towards actively listening to its Clients, which is how consultations can become an asset for the Company to be able to identify and process messages coming from the market, in order to become increasingly innovative, flexible and fast.”

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