FRIGA-BOHN presented new products of refrigeration

Date: 10 September 2021
FRIGA-BOHN presented new products of refrigeration
FRIGA-BOHN presented new products of refrigeration
FRIGA-BOHN presented new products of refrigeration

FRIGA-BOHN presented split system eCO2Boost XS

When choosing a FRIGA-BOHN split system (condensing unit + unit cooler), you get the support of a single provider for your entire installation and the guarantee that each component of the package will be available.
In addition, dry contact control of the condensing unit off ers compatibility with all controllers available on the market.

The eCO2Boost XS is fast and easy to install.
Thanks to its compact design, the condensing unit is easier to handle, and built-in electronic expansion valve makes installation
In addition, you won’t need a safety valve with 80-bar unit coolers.

The perfect match between the condensing unit and the unit cooler ensures working conditions suited to your cooling needs.
Moreover, the Scroll compressor off ers optimal cooling capacity and helps reduce energy consumption.

The high-end motor fans and Scroll compressors integrated to the condensing unit enable silent operation and make it suitable for residential areas.
eCO2Boost XS 1 46dB(A)*
eCO2Boost XS 2/3 49dB(A)*

CO2 is more eco-friendly and cost-eff ective than HFCs.
Its excellent thermodynamic properties reduce energy consumption, while its GWP of 1 helps protect the environment. Thus, the end-user
saves on refrigerant taxes.

FRIGA-BOHN presented Dual-discharge unit cooler NTA

- Easy to install and use as a result of its compactness, making it perfect for small spaces.
- Easy access to all components for easy cleaning and maintenance.
- Comfort: the directional airflow, the low air speed and the low noise level of the NTA help to create a comfortable environment.
- Energy efficiency: with optimized performance, new refrigerants and the EC option, the NTA leads to real energy savings.

- Aluminium fins with 3.5 or 6 mm spacing.
- Combined with grooved copper tubes, the coils are very efficient and compact.
- Multi-refrigerant CO2, A2L and HFCs compatible coils.
Versions available:
- Multi-refrigerant HFCs/A2L,
- CO2 (60 or 80 bar).
- WCO (glycol water, coolant).

- Bell mounted electric fans Ø 350 mm.
- The AC motor fans are of the closed, single-phase capacitor type, 230V/1/50-60Hz, IP 55, class F, with internal thermal protection.
Available in version (depending on acceptable noise level):
- HS (high speed) = 1,250 rpm. - 105 W max. / 0.5 A max.
- LS (low speed) = 850 rpm. - 74 W max. / 0.45 A max.

- Removable grille and retractable casing made from recyclable ABS.
- High resistance to thermal shock.
- Horizontal condensate drain plug 1"G with screw thread.
- Perfect hygiene as a result of the rounded corners that eliminate retention areas and through the use of protected steel and stainless steel fastening screws.
- Internal drain pans avoiding condensation on the casing.
- Increased safety due to the absence of sharp edges.

FRIGA-BOHN presented Compact wall-mounted refrigeration monobloc unit Euromon

- Pre-charged with refrigerant
- Hermetic compressor
- Thermostatic expansion valve
- LP and HP pressure switches
- Hot gas defrost
- Defrost water evaporation
- Supply cable (2,5m), light and door micro switch
- Waterproof ceiling light
- Voltage protector
- Condensation control by pressure switch
- Integrated multifunctional electronic control
- Dryer filter
- "Dirty condenser" alarm
- Insulated panel included
- Installation to be protected from the weather
- Optional hour counter

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