HAUSER presents new premium refrigeration units

Date: 23 November 2020
HAUSER presents new premium refrigeration units
HAUSER presents new premium refrigeration units
HAUSER presents new premium refrigeration units

Cooling technology and refrigeration unit specialist HAUSER is introducing two new top-quality innovations: REFINO is a flexible premium refrigerated cabinet with rimless "Infinity" glass doors, offering an unrestricted view of the goods on display thanks to its transparent design. Its specially coated Schott glass, power-saving EC fans and LED lighting all help to save energy. The second new product, MIRENGO RMG-N, combines the benefits of an island freezer and a deep-freeze cabinet in a brand-new concept. This means a significant increase in usable volume while also saving space. "Our innovative refrigeration units and energy-saving cooling technology allow us to offer solutions that are both versatile and economical", explains Peter Breitenfellner, Director of International Sales at HAUSER GmbH.

Refrigerated cabinet with rimless "Infinity" doors
What sets REFINO apart from conventional refrigerated cabinets is the sheer transparency of its design. The high, rimless "Infinity" glass doors and glass side panels ensure that the goods are clearly visible from all sides. The free-standing structure and transparent spacers help to maximise product visibility and the full-length glass front also gives the REFINO refrigerated cabinet an especially modern look. The cabinet is lit by energy-efficient LED lights that highlight the natural colours and freshness of the goods on display. The attractive cabinet is rounded off by a coated aluminium panel, which can be optionally upgraded with wood decor.

Hygienic & energy efficient
In addition to its transparent design, the new REFINO refrigerated cabinet is extremely hygienic and easy to clean. The evaporator is located in the rear wall. This ensures that the trough is kept free of hygiene hazards, and reduces fan contamination. The base decks are smooth and designed without recesses for easy handling. All parts can be removed for cleaning without using tools. The gap-optimised doors made of Schott glass with low-energy coating, power-saving EC fans and LED lighting all help to minimise energy consumption.

Innovative island/cabinet freezer combo
With its new MIRENGO RMG-N unit, HAUSER has created a hybrid concept that combines the advantages of an island freezer with those of a deep-freeze cabinet. This enables a significant increase in usable volume and also facilitates a clear, space-saving store layout. MIRENGO RMG-N can be equipped with matching decors – for example in a wood grain finish – to preserve a consistent look in the frozen food department. In addition, the design, with its lack of head panels, the "Infinity" glass doors and the panoramic side panels, allows the goods to be presented attractively and offers optimum visibility.

Simple and flexible product architecture
The simple design focuses the customer's attention on the goods and allows for easy cleaning without the need for tools to remove the base decks. An extensive range of accessories and baskets is also available for making quick and easy changes to your store concept. MIRENGO RMG-N is also highly efficient in terms of energy: the optimised air circulation guarantees maximum freshness and temperature stability. The energy-efficient EC fans boast a high air flow rate, low noise levels and a long service life. The modern LED lighting provides optimum goods presentation while minimising energy consumption. The premium glass doors are designed to close automatically to keep the heat input as low as possible.

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly refrigeration technology
As part of its sustainable refrigeration concept, HAUSER relies on CO2 compound systems that facilitate heat recovery. The use of waste heat from the refrigeration units for heating generates considerable savings in energy and emissions. The natural refrigerant propane can be used for plug-in refrigeration units as an alternative to CO2. The advantages of this include easy installation and less waste heat than air-cooled units. This eliminates the need for additional air conditioning.

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