Huayi Compressor introduction of the New S range compressor

Date: 23 October 2020
Huayi Compressor introduction of the New S range compressor
Huayi Compressor Barcelona is pleased to announce the introduction of the New S range. This new range includes a totally redesigned shell which reduces the noise level up to 5dB(A) and vibration. At the same time we introduce a new range of models with enhanced efficiency, displacement extension up to 38cc and models for R290.

The New S does not affect de compressor height; keeps the electrical connections unchanged, producing only a small variation of the tube connections position for booth, discharge tube and valve adapter. The new configuration is designed to fit into Huayi Compressor Barcelona customer appliances with minimal changes. The single box packaging will remain unchanged. You will find two drawings to compare the new and current configurations.

This improvement will be applied to all our S range compressors. The New S will be available in the market from November 2020 (subject to stock depletion of the current version).
Find out more on our website about: R290

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