Krack Introduces Variable Speed Technology for Condensers

Date: 09 March 2020
Krack Introduces Variable Speed Technology for Condensers

Krack by Hussmann is pleased to announce the availability of a high-performance electronic drive and motor solution for its Levitor and Microchannel condensing systems. The new Krack Vspeed systems use variable speed technology that improves energy efficiency and savings, operational performance while reducing system wear and tear on components.

“Our new Vspeed technology provides constant load matching to capacity which decreases wattage used when the system is not running at full capacity,” said Ron Grabowski, Senior Product Manager for Krack. “With the cost of Vspeed much lower than other electronically commutated fan assemblies, customers can expect a quick payback with energy savings regardless of electricity costs.”

Another great benefit with Vspeed technology is that sound levels are greatly reduced versus staging of full speed fans with a linear decibel reduction based on fan speed.

Vspeed applications include Krack Levitor II LAVK and Microchannel MXK air cooled condensers with 230/3 and 460/3 voltage options. The fans run up to 1140 RPMs with a 1.5 horsepower motor. Retrofit installations are simple with an easy drop-in solution for motor and drive with Krack condensers.

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