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The company "TECO» (Gesellschaft fur Kaeltetechnik mbH, Germany) - Senior leader in the production of energy-efficient refrigeration units in Germany and central Europe. The company "TECO" is engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of refrigeration units in standard designs (single and aggregates multicompressor TEKOSET, DUOPACK, TEKOPACK on compressors BITZER and FRASCOLD) and special designs (sets with low noise levels, using a special mode control parameters and operating conditions , satellite-cascading units with natural refrigerants, installation of heat recovery and getting ice water). A wide range of refrigeration units TECO to successfully exploit them in various application areas, namely: Refrigeration: - Medical and pharmaceutical industry (environmental chambers, air dryers); - Enterprises engaged in agricultural and food industries (refrigerated warehouses for storage and processing of meat, poultry, fish and dairy products; - Freezers for the production of frozen semi-finished and finished products; - Storage of fruits and vegetables in the gas and special media; - Supermarkets and specialty food stores; - Ice rinks. air Conditioning: - Cooling liquids (food and chemical industry); - Air conditioning system. In 2009 the company opened an office in Russia - LLC "TECO" (Russia). New office and warehouse complex production LLC "TECO" is located in the Moscow region (40 km north-west of Moscow) at Solnechnogorsk Str. Red, Vlad. 159, an industrial building. In recent years, strong growth in the construction of super-and hypermarkets, refrigeration logistics centers, reconstruction of agricultural enterprises, sports ice arenas creates great prospects for refrigeration business in Russia. Opening of LLC "TECO" is an integral part of the global strategy of the company "TECO" focused primarily on the client - a business partner; strategy for the introduction into the Russian refrigeration industry innovative energy-saving technologies European. Russian consumers "cold" need to cooperate with experienced and knowledgeable technology manufacturer of refrigeration equipment, which is well-versed on the refrigeration market. The basic principle in this relationship - Partnership with quality. Recently, refrigeration business, in Germany and in Russia there is a great need in the production of a fully fabricated and tested on the plants is modular. This need has arisen the need for short terms of installation of the whole object and reliability is maintained. These cooling units can be created only in industrial environments! The modular principle of the creation of the refrigeration unit at times reduces the duration of its assembly. This contributes to stock different mednognutyh blanks piping and components for the standard series of units; use of combined shut-off valves with filter, copper collectors with a set of different diameters under the proper pipe. As plant "TECO" in Germany, in Russia, the company includes warehouse refrigeration components (modules), advanced production line and modern quality control laboratory. OOO "TECO" in Russian works closely with the plant "TECO" (Germany). Production in Russia is fully consistent production cycle in Germany, which means high quality and speed of production. Plant "TECO" offers innovative solutions for energy saving installations and integrated systems for retail market for, processing and storage of food using modern refrigeration and automation. OOO "TECO" is the exclusive distributor of heat transfer equipment White Line (Germany) and electronic control systems WURM (Germany).
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