SRMTec compressors upgraded its small displacement piston range

Date: 15 June 2021
SRMTec compressors upgraded its small displacement piston range
SRMTec compressors upgrade its small displacement piston range.

The continuous activity of SRMTec R&D department, has led to a new range of 4-cylinder models, ultra compact, from 3HP to 9 HP, engineered and manufactured in Italy.
The latest innovations allow to achive among the higest efficiencies, compared to compressors of similar size.

REFRIGERANTS: suitable for all type of refrigerants, including R448A,R 449A, R1233zde

APPLICATIONS: Low and medium temperature refrigeration, liquid chiller, heat pumps, process cooling, supermarkets.

SPECS: from 19,3 m³/h to 33,1 m³/h, and from 3Hp to 9 Hp.

Low noise and vibrations:
internal chambers and volumes triggered with compression pulsations.
Ultra compact design:
most compact dimensions in this power range
Suitable for heavy loads:
shaft, body and all components designed to work at 30+ bars
Optimized oil management:
high efficiency splasher even in case of low oil level, reduced foaming effect.
synthetic sleeve bearings

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