The new Intuitive Rack Circuit controller for controlling refrigeration applications from RDM

Date: 12 November 2019
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Resource Data Management (RDM) is proud to announce the release of a new versatile rack / circuit controller, ideal for controlling refrigeration applications in small food retail stores. The new Intuitive Rack Circuit controller allows complete control of one or two suction groups (compressors), one condenser group (fan), up to ten refrigeration circuits (evaporators), and up to three general sections for additional control requirements. 

The Intuitive Rack Circuit controller provides a compact complete refrigeration control package for rack (pack) compressors, condenser fans, and refrigerated cases and coldrooms. Each rack section provides control of up to four compressors, the condenser section provides control of up to four fans, and the circuit section provides control of up to ten refrigerated circuits, making it ideal for small supermarkets or c-stores. The Intuitive Rack Circuit controller is also an ideal solution for complete packaged cooling systems such as self-contained coldrooms, containers or chillers.

The new Intuitive Rack Circuit controller is another example of continuous product development at RDM and building on existing, successful products. The new controller combines a compact version of the current RDM Superpack controller with a compact version of the RDM Circuit controller to deliver its outstanding benefits.

The Intuitive Rack Circuit controller is available in the form of three main RDM hardware platforms: Intuitive controller (PR0650), Mini Intuitive controller (PR0680), and Intuitive Stepper controller (PR0652). Each of these controller platforms can be used with a variety of and up to ten expansion boards. As a result, they provide the best possible combination of IO requirements while minimising unused surplus capacity. Every controller platform has a different number of inputs, universal IOs, relay outputs and other distinguishing featured which can be selected based on the facility’s needs.

The application software will automatically configure itself to the hardware platform that is in use. All parameters and configuration menus associated with the specific hardware will be available. The Intuitive Rack Circuit controller software features condenser control elements including suction pressure optimisation, digital compressor control and liquid level monitoring. It also features evaporator control elements including stepper or mechanical expansion valve control, built-in or remote defrost timers and defrost-skip energy-saving feature.

The setup menu has been revised to be more user-friendly. The new menu allows for stages, status inputs, probes, pressure transducers, inverter drive and superheat settings to be set-up from one menu. Users will not need to switch between different menus, simplifying the setup process. In addition, any IO that is not used is automatically hidden from the setup menu, making it easier for the user to navigate the controller’s computer-generated interface.

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