The new version DMTouch from RDM and third-party HVACR control devices

Date: 14 June 2021
The new version DMTouch from RDM and third-party HVACR control devices
Resource Data Management (RDM) has announced the release of software v4.0 for the Data Manager Touch (DMTouch). The DMTouch serves as the front-end for RDM and third-party HVACR control devices across an entire BMS site, providing insight on energy usage, equipment performance and more.

DMTouch software v4.0 introduces features that enhance and expand the robust User Interface (UI) and underlying capabilities that were introduced in the major v3.0 update. These new features increase ease of use, fault-finding and data analysis tools, and predictive maintenance capabilities.


The new DMTouch software implements recent updates to The Data builder (TDB) range, RDM’s versatile Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) solution. TDB programs can now be viewed and edited using common web browsers, when using the desktop editor is not possible or feasible. The new Lua Code block utilises the powerful programming language Lua to carry out complex functions and potentially reduce the number of TDB blocks in a particular program. Using the Lua Block, control and monitoring strategies that would normally require hundreds of TDB blocks can potentially be executed within a single block.

Controller Parameters

New and enhanced capabilities for viewing and editing RDM controller parameters from the DMTouch are also included in software v4.0. Users can assign custom default parameters for each device type that differ from the factory defaults. This capability simplifies certain processes such as programming large quantities of cabinet/case controllers or replacing a faulty device. As a result, commissioning times are reduced and the risk of error is minimised. Another new feature allows parameters to be adjusted to a value for a temporary time duration, assisting with fault-finding and equipment maintenance.

UI Enhancements

Improvements on the UI are also included in this update. Search, filter and sort functions have been added to the Device List, allowing quick access to a specific device and identification of common issues or points of interest across devices. New communication indicators display bright coloured banners across the Home Page to signal loss of communication from a web browser or a mismatch between a configuration file and the features installed on a DMTouch.

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