Viessmann ESyCool pro R290

Date: 15 May 2018
Viessmann ESyCool green is a modular system for efficient, environmentally responsible heating and refrigeration in food retailing. The integrated, extendable energy system is based on the use of highly efficient, series manufactured Viessmann heat pumps with natural refrigerant R290. The system is available in three different versions. They possess the necessary technology to refrigerate rather than generate heat, thus providing economical refrigeration in shops. In winter, the heat from the refrigeration system can also be used to heat the building. For the first time, this concept enables the use of a thermal store for heating energy and refrigeration in food retailing. The enormous energy yield produced by the phase change from water to ice plays a decisive role in this. With ESyCool green, Viessmann once again sets a new benchmark in innovative and efficient energy technology. All modules for a future, energy saving store are available from a single source.
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