Chillventa 2018


Chillventa presents a cross-section of the industry with its comprehensive range of innovations, components, systems and applications for Refrigeration - AC & Ventilation - Heat Pumps.

Exhibition home of refrigeration, ac & ventilation and heat pumps

Energy efficiency and sustainability remain the driving forces behind the development of new products and systems for refrigeration, ac & ventilation and heat pumps.
  • What future developments in heat pump efficiency are in the pipeline?
  • What’s happening in the market for environment-friendly refrigerants?
  • What do modern integrated c&i concepts look like?
  • How will the individual trades be connected in the future?
With their spectrum of products and services for refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pumps, industrial refrigeration and commercial refrigeration, the industry’s top players provide answers to tomorrow’s questions today.

Chillventa Connecting Experts

The innovation cycles in refrigeration and air conditioning are becoming shorter. The world-leading exhibition Chillventa is a must for anyone wanting to keep up with the latest trends and developments. It enables the direct exchange of views with a variety of experts and qualified suppliers from all over the world. The trade show, Chillventa CONGRESS and a varied supporting programme are devoted to the whole process chain of refrigeration, ac & ventilation and heat pumps for three days. This is the place to meet, cultivate and develop networks, and do business.

The Chillventa success story

First organized under the name of "Chillventa" in 2008, it is now one of the most important events in the world for refrigeration, ac & ventilation and heat pumps. 981 exhibitors and more than 30.000 visitors in 2016 speak a clear language. The very large international share of 67 % for exhibitors and 56 % for visitors also emphasizes Chillventa’s importance as global-leading exhibition.
  • 96% of the exhibitors reached their most important target groups.
  • 93% of the exhibitors made new business connections.
  • 87% expected noticeable follow-up business.
  • 63% of the exhibition visitors came from the European Union (including 43 % from Germany), 17 % from the rest of Europe, 15 % from Australia, Asia and Africa, and 6 % from America.

Trade forums offer knowledge direct from the source

In the three forums, held in the halls in parallel with the exhibition, renowned presenters will hold more than 150 talks on cutting-edge topics. The latest product developments and innovative solutions for energy efficiency and energy saving will be showcased in Hall 9, in the forum on applications, training and codes of practice: leak detection, recovery and reprocessing of refrigerants, no biofilm and thus no Legionella, implementation of the 42nd Ordinance under the Federal Immission Protection Law (BImSchV), CE labelling, replacement with alternative refrigerant mixtures, EC fans for cooling towers, cooling tower hygiene, water chemistry, EN 378, defect guarantees, and much more besides. The Refrigeration Technology forum in hall 7A will cover topics such as low-GWP refrigerants, eco-efficiency in supermarkets, R290 compressors, water loop systems, sliding temperature refrigerants, heat recovery, market trends in commercial application, compressor developments, application of A2 and A3 refrigerants, IoT in various applications, refrigerant leak detectors, ejectors for R744 systems, and the importance of frequency converters in refrigeration technology. The forum in hall 4A will deal with air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps, with a focus on the following: cloud solutions, refrigerant solutions for air-conditioning and heat pumps, challenges created by urbanisation, high-temperature heat pumps, recooling systems, system solutions for cold water, hybrid VRF, R32 applications, water as a refrigerant, fans of the future, filter technologies, etc.

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