Freor presented Hydroloop WPI Technology

Date: 26 June 2021
Freor presented Hydroloop WPI Technology
Freor presented Hydroloop WPI Technology
The global food retail industry has been trending toward smaller store formats for several years already. Small-footprint store retailers usually face the issue of flexible trade area layout, space-saving, and optimal energy consumption, especially when it comes to refrigeration section planning.

The smart refrigeration solution could not only solve the space problem but also help save money by reducing installation and operational costs.

Hydroloop WPI System is a perfect solution for stores of smaller sales area size, such as petrol stations and convenience stores.

Hydroloop WPI Technology Explained

Hydroloop WPI (Water Pump Integrated) System is the waterloop technology in which each of the refrigeration appliances contains an integrated small-sized circulatory water pump, eliminating the need for the main pump station in the waterloop system.

The individual high-efficiency integrated water pumps run in sync with the operation of compressors in the cabinets, a maximum 16 h per day of 24 h, compared to the main pump station running 24/7 in a traditional System. This results in approximately 30 % energy saving on glycol circulation operation part.

The Benefits of the System

  • Even more space-saving. No space is needed for the main pump station.
  • Increased energy-efficiency. Energy savings due to individual water pumps working less time compared to the main pump station running 24/7 in traditional Hydroloop System.
  • Simplicity & flexibility. The installation does not require an experienced technician – all you need is connecting equipment to simple hydraulic pipes and plugging into an outlet, giving store owners the flexibility to easier reorganize the units in case it is needed.
  • Environmental sustainability. Running refrigerating appliances on R290 propane refrigerant and cooling the system with glycol creates a green system.
  • Reliability. In case of a failure, only one refrigeration unit is affected, leaving food products safe and potential losses minimized.

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