Sanhua introduced new OPTIFlow microchannel heat exchanger

Date: 02 July 2020
Sanhua introduced new OPTIFlow microchannel heat exchanger
Sanhua has introduced its new OPTIFlow microchannel heat exchanger. This new coil technology benefits from an intertwined header, which is the latest technological enhancement to microchannel heat exchanger design, with 13% higher heat transfer efficiency. This new product has been designed as the optimal choice for commercial applications.

Along with the launch of this new product, its tailor-made logo and trade name have also been released. The new OPTIFlow logo symbolizes the design concept and advantages of the product to SANHUAMC’s commercial customers, demonstrating that this product is the upgraded version of the previous products, and indicating that the technological strength of SANHUAMC (Sanhua) is entering the next stage. The OPTIFlow microchannel heat exchanger adds a pair of headers compared with the typical design, and the four-header intertwined design makes increased heat exchanger efficiency possible through an expanded refrigerant flow area, making it suitable for commercial applications such as rooftop units, chillers, etc. Under the same operating conditions, the efficiency of a unit applying OPTIFlow technology is higher than that of a typical heat exchanger. “The OPTIFlow coil can improve heat exchanger efficiency by 13% for the outdoor unit and 5% for the in- door unit, compared with traditional fin-and-tube heat exchanger designs, under the same operating conditions. The refrigerant charge is also reduced by 30 and 15%, respectively. Furthermore, its unique structure can meet the dual-circuit system design challenges with a single microchannel heat exchanger, which achieves higher performance and over 50% lighter weight than the intertwined fin-and-tube heat exchanger,” said Dr. Qiang Gao, vice president of Engineering at SANHUAMC.

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